our story.

for centuries, crystal elixirs have been used for their powerful healing properties, with each crystal possessing its own unique frequency for specific ailments or desires.

our mission is to share the beauty of crystals to help everyone stay grounded in their everyday life should they need it. our guiding pillars are:

giving back: with every purchase, $1 is donated to oxfam australia to provide clean drinking water to those in need.

fair and affordable pricing: all our crystal bottles, regardless of differing costs, are priced equally with your budget in mind. we never had the $$$ to drop on expensive crystal bottles, so we don't expect you to either. 

staple pieces with a twist: drink your water every day, and have fun doing it. every piece celebrates a strong person and their prospects.

a new community: every bottle you purchase offers you a portal to a new world. we're building an online community of strong, spiritual people who put mind over matter.

welcome to the #crystalcommunity!