with unmatched powers and a unique place in the ranks of crystal lore, amethyst is a calming stone for the mind, body, and soul and works to bring balance, and peace to one's life.

i am good for: protection, stress, healing, creativity, intuition, and mood swings.

chakras: third eye & crown

zodiacs: aries, pisces, virgo, & scorpio

a stone of the heart, rose quartz helps one unapologetically receive and give love by seeking acceptance, kindness, & peace within.

i am good for: self-love, romance, friendship, family, kindness, acceptance, peace, harmony, forgiveness, a broken heart

chakra: heart

zodiacs: cancer, libra, & taurus

known as the master healer, clear quartz works to purify one's mind by bringing clarity, focus, and patience.

i am good for: clarity, awareness, focus, balance, patience, positivity, healing, mental blocks, perspective

chakra: crown

zodiacs: all

a strongly protective stone, obsidian releases imbalances and repels negative energies to increase self-control and facing up to one's true self.

i am good for: protection, negativity, support, creativity, confusion, emotional blockages and ancient traumas, compassion and strength

chakras: base

zodiacs: scorpio, sagittarius

in addition to the basic healing properties of quartz, smokey quartz is used as a grounding stone to disperse fear, lift depression and negativity, and bring emotional calmness

i am good for: stress, anxiety, healing, and mood swings.

chakras: root

zodiacs: scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn 

yes! all zodiac sign can use all crystals. the specific zodiacs listed in our descriptions only highlights the fact that certain zodiacs may be more drawn to specific crystals than others!

while it is true that some crystals do not belong water, the specific crystals we use in our infusion bottles (amethyst, quartz varieties, and obsidian) all score at least a 7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, meaning they won't dissolve or break down in water over time.
the sealant we use on our crystals is food grade and made for drinking water, so no worries here!

these crystals are only safe in (preferably filtered) room-temperature water, so don't put anything else in your bottle!  

the bottle disassembles into four parts- the lid, base, and glass chamber are all dishwasher safe. however, the crystal cartridge should only be gently hand washed with room temperature water (no soap!)

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