hydration meets intention.

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which crystal calls to you?

up your spiritual game by promoting positivity and purification into your daily routine with the all-natural, energizing effects of raw crystals.


this bottle is a massive game-changer. it helps me meet my hydration and spiritual goals at the same time.

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review from melbourne, australia.

we're all about...

  • looking good, doing good.

    not only are we helping reduce single use plastic, we also provide clean drinking water to someone in need with every bottle sold.

  • wishful drinking.

    making your spiritual journey convenient and readily accessible, so you can connect deeper with yourself and others.

  • glass that lasts.

    our bottles are made from resistant, eco-friendly borosilicate glass.

    it's the only bottle you'll need for a long, long time. (yay for the environment!)

  • hydration on hand.

    all bottles come with a spacious 500 mL volume, convenient travel handle, and snug bottle sleeve, making it easy to carry wherever life takes you.

our story.

from our identities
to our intentions,
know us.
know our story.

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